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Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, AES is a Pre-K - 8th elementary school located in McNairy County, Tennessee. The current enrollment is over seven hundred students with a pre-kindergarten 4-year- old class, a pre-kindergarten 5-year-old class, 5 regular kindergarten classes, 4 first grade classes, 4-second grade classes, 4 third grade classes,  4 fourth grade classes, 4 fifth grade classes, 4 sixth grade classes, 4 seventh grade classes, 4 eighth grade classes,  and many specialty classes. It is our mission at Adamsville Elementary School as administrators, teachers, school support personnel, parents, and the community to empower our students to improve tomorrow by learning today.

Adamsville Elementary School


Adamsville Elementary School is located in Adamsville, Tennessee as part of the McNairy County School System. McNairy County is in rural West Tennessee approximately 100 miles east of Memphis and approximately 150 southwest of Nashville. The estimated population of McNairy County is 26, 004 (2017). McNairy County Schools has approximately 4,500 students with 92% Caucasian, 6% African-American and 2.1% Hispanic. The school system consists of two high schools, one middle school, and five elementary schools.
Adamsville Elementary is currently grades preK-4 through eighth grade. There are about 720 total students at AES with a breakdown of 94% Caucasian, 3.6% African-American, 1.7% Hispanic and .4% Asian. By McNairy County Board of Education policy, 100% of our students receive free and reduced services and 30.4% are classified in direct certification. Approximately 5.3% of our students are in the subgroup BHN. The majority of AES students reside in McNairy County, but 48 out-of-county students pay tuition to attend.

 Additional Information

Adamsville Elementary School consists of a professionally dedicated faculty devoted to providing a healthy, safe environment for its student body. The administration, staff, and teachers work to build and maintain relationships that create opportunities for growth and success for all students. There is a continuing effort to include parents, guardians, families and the community in these relationships in order to positively impact our students and better prepare boys and girls for their futures.
Among these efforts include the following:
  1. Better protection of our students and faculty with the installation of security doors and buzzer system through a combined effort of AES, McNairy County Schools, and the town of Adamsville.
  2. Special education programs like DARE, Red Ribbon Week, and Fire Safety and Awareness to better inform our students of life dangers.
  3. Community groups like Scouts, Jr. Pro/Dixie Youth Athletics are encouraged at AES.
  4. Each grade level has special nights like 6th and 4th grade Science Fairs, 5th grade Living Book Reports, and Halloween Trick or Treating for kindergarten through 3rd-grade students.
AES is accredited by Advanc-Ed and has earned Safe-Schools status. Project ENRICH Afterschool Programs provides extended-day services for our students including tutoring, homework help, and enrichment like school musicals and exercise programs. AES offers pre-K4 classes along with a school-home coordinator to aid students in the transition from home to school. Children with special needs and/or disabilities have access to general academic classes through inclusion as well as other educational programs and services. Services like counseling by a licensed social worker can be attained at AES. The mixture of all these programs and services gives each Adamsville Elementary School student an equal opportunity for participation and success.